Julian & Brom both come from design backgrounds, Julian having worked in the fashion industry for 35 years before branching out into furniture and Brom is an interior architect after having worked as a commercial cook extraordinaire for many years. Needless to say good design and delicious food are very important components to their creation of Tara. Julian & Brom love nothing more than cooking up a delicious feast and also have a great love of gardening, so restoring the huge garden, creating delightful spaces in which to contemplate nature, is another continuing project in hand.

Both have travelled extensively and draw on their combined experience to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Every effort is being made to make the house as eco friendly as possible with both floors insulated when the main renovations were done and there is a water tank storage for the garden. Solar panels for the roof are the next priority to help reduce the carbon footprint of the house. In this endeavour, we are being guided by our friend and neighbour, who is a ground breaker in the field of environmental sustainability - see links page for further information.

We now have another beautiful border collie called Oscar after the sudden death of our dear old dog Ollie the collie.

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