TARA was built in 1881 for Mrs Ryan, a music teacher, and and her family who gave the house her name. They lived here till the turn of the century when she became a surgeon's residence and surgery. Tara then became a maternity hospital, and during WW1 she was owned by a dentist. A young doctor and his wife moved into the practise with the dentist and soon after bought the house in 1920 renaming her Alcazar. They made her their home and surgery until 1965 with 3 generations of the family living here. She was then bought by the charity, Our Lady of Snow, and until 2008 when we bought Tara she was a boarding house sheltering a long list of colourful characters, so she has seen a lot in her very full life. Purchased 6 years ago, we are in the process of bringing the old girl back up to her former glory. She has come a long way from the extremely dilapidated state she was in when we first found her and needs some more done to make her perfect but is a gorgeous work in progress. Our guests are charting that progress as we continue to make improvements, eventually enabling us to offer en suite facilities for each room.